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As a little girl, I always had my kitties that I would play with. I would put dresses on them and pretend they were my babies! So of course now that I am older, that wouldn’t be appropriate (lol). So I do the next best! I raise them and look for homes that will love them like I do. I also enjoy meeting or even just talking on the phone to the wonderful people that are giving my fur-babies a new home. If you are looking for the beautiful Russian Blue breed, you have come to the right place.

We can meet you at our nearest airport or we can offer to fly them to your nearest airport. Prices fluctuate as tickets change. To have your kitty driven to your door, call for pricing.

We operate within a closed cattery

Reserve your kitten today in 3 easy steps. Once you submit your deposit or full amount, you may contact us to set up arrangements to complete your transaction and getting your kitten to you. Do you need your kitten delivered?

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What Is A Russian Blue?

A Russian Blue is an elegant breed! They have beautiful silver tipped fur and mesmorising green eyes. Purebred Russian Blue kittens are born with blue eyes that turn green as they mature. They are calm and loving cats. This breed is very loyal to their families and love to be cuddled. The hardest decision you will have to make is how many Russian Blue Cats you want to bring home.


What are The Coats of Russian Blues?

Russian Blue coats are very soft and feel as smooth as silk. Their coats are a mixture of dark gray and silver. Russian Blues can make good pets for owners who are slightly allergic because they produce less of the allergen that people are allergic to. They also tend to not shed much which also helps with allergies.


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We make adopting your new kitten hassle-free! Just follow these easy steps.

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Pick out the available kitty of your choosing.
Browse through the kittens on our website or contact us if you don't see what you're looking for.
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Reserve your kitten right here.
We have an easy reservation process. You can pay the adoption fees with a credit card.
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Arrange pick up or delivery.
We can arrange a convenient meeting place or we can hand deliver your new kitten right to your home.We can also arrange delivery to OUR nearest airport or YOUR nearest aiport.
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Shipping Options

Shipping is left up to the customer. We can offer to fly them to YOUR nearest airport or OUR nearest airport. Prices fluctuate as tickets change. To have your kitties driven to your door, call for pricing.