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Masha is a dream come true!

We love our Russian Blue kitten, who we named Masha. She is a delight. Inquisitive, beautiful and intelligent, she is a dream come true.

Dee Nash

On Thanksgiving day I lost

On Thanksgiving day I lost my kitty, 17 years old and a constant companion, just to old age. I was devastated. I wanted another Russian Blue kitten since the one I had for so long was such a perfect pet. Enter BluRose Cattery. I got in touch and made arrangements to get a kitten when it was old enough to come to me. I’ve had her now for about a month. She is the most amazing pet. I can’t thank BluRose enough for getting her off to such a fantastic start. She’s cute, active, athletic, well socialized, healthy, and obviously well-loved from day one. Thank you BluRose. She’s everything I wanted in a new kitty and then some. I only hope I continue the great job you did from the day of her birth. Thank you.

Michael M

Great experience, happy family!

We had a great experience working with Marnita and Rosanna. Our kitten is almost 1.5 years old now, and we couldn’t be happier with her personality, health, and beauty! She was so well-socialized and playful as a baby, our vet joked that we “got a puppy in kitten skin.” She loves everyone in our family, and warms up to guests quickly. Her favorite spots are sunny windowsills, the fireplace hearth, and any open Amazon box she can find. Thank you for our sweet fur baby!

Jessica Justice

We loved our experience with

We loved our experience with BluRose Cattery! They were very responsive and helpful even after we took Phoebe home. She is very sweet and a wonderful addition to our family!

Madeline G

We decided on a Blue

We decided on a Blue Russian after researching different cat breeds. Then we decided on Blurose cattery for our Russian Blue. Marnita answered all my questions and concerns made the whole process so easy. Our baby Archie is a great addition to our family he’s so sweet smart and a little clown who loves to be cuddled and carried like a baby. We couldn’t be happier with our boy.

Rosa Tobon

Professional service, beautiful kittens!

Professional service, beautiful kittens!

Del B

We recently picked up our

We recently picked up our kitten from BluRose. We couldn’t be happier. We had a horrible experience trying to go through another breeder and was hesitant to even try again, but the ladies with BluRose instantly made us feel more comfortable. They sent pictures, answered our questions and even drove to meet me at the airport when I went to pick out little guy up. They brought a blanket for comfort, toys, and even a goody bag!

As far as the kitten, he was excellent from day 1. You can tell that he was well loved. His personality is fantastic and he has been an amazing addition to our home!

Josh E